Specializing in helping business owners
increase their results and profits by
improving their managers’ people skills
Whether it’s for on-site consulting, a training program adapted to your needs or as a keynote speaker for your meetings Réjean Rodrigue can help your managers, to perform better and obtain the best from their employees.






Keynote speech
'' We are responsible ''
If at first you don’t succeed, maybe skydiving is not for you…but managing an employee is a different game. Nobody is born a manager. Managing well is a learned skill. In this conference, I will share with you what I learned during my 10 + years of managing employees and 14 years of Management training and consulting…
Performance Problems generally can be reduced to three subjects; The employees don’t know
   1.What to do
   2.How to do it
   3.Or there is a lack of Feedback or Follow-up
As managers we are largely responsible for these three areas…it’s not always the employees’ faults

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Training and Consulting
'' Get the best out of your people ''
On the menu and adapted to your needs:
  • Hiring: behavioral interview techniques, asking the right questions
  • Employee training: the manager in the trainer’s role
  • Setting objectives: with your employees’ participation
  • Coaching: The different coaching intervention
  • Measuring performances and follow-up: what gets measured gets better
  • Advanced Leadership: adapting to your employees’ personality styles
  • Processes: document, implementation, improvement.
  • Running an effective meeting 
Contact us at : info@rejeanrodrigue.com

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