Specializing in helping business owners
increase their results and profits by
improving their managers’ people skills

Rejean Rodrigue, consultant formateur

At 26 years of age and, after a short but successful career in sales, I was promoted to sales manager. I spent the first year asking myself why don’t they all act like me and just do what they’re supposed to do. The next year I discovered that the "culprit" might be the person whom I see in my mirror every morning. I spent the next 10 years reading (and taking training courses) everything that I could find about managing employees.Ever since then, I hire only people who have no experience.

In 1995 I started my own Consulting / Training / Coaching company while pursuing studies in the Management of Human Resources and how to teach adults. Today, having participated in the training of managers in all ten Canadian provinces, twenty American states and four differents countries… I still love what I do… even more than ever

Contact me: info@rejeanrodrigue.com

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