Specializing in helping business owners
increase their results and profits by
improving their managers’ people skills
Did you know that most people think that they are a little smarter than average and generally come to work to do their best? And when they leave work they are convinced that they have done their best. However, results are not always what they should be and objectives are not always met… Is it really their fault?


Studies show that the number one reason why people thrive at work, perform better and attain their objectives is… their immediate boss.
It is also the number one reason why people quit

  • Can more than half of your employees answer a definite yes to this question ? Do you know exactly what is expected from you at work?
  • If they do know what to do, are you sure that they know how to do it?
  • Do the majority of your employees have clear objectives and are they being followed-up regularly by their manager?
  • Are you sure that nobody thinks this at the weekly meeting – including the one who prepared it? Oh no! Not another meeting.
  • Do your people have the opportunity to use their full potential?
If some of your answers sound like ''No'', or ''I’m not sure'' we can probably help you.
Contact us at: info@rejeanrodrigue.com or visit the following pages for more details.

Réjean Rodrigue est formateur agréé par la commission des partenaires du marché du travail.

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